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A Different Kind of Succession Plan



My name is Robert Martin, and I'd like to introduce myself and my firm.

Blacktop Equity Partners is an investment firm with one objective - to acquire and operate a single business. If you are a business owner looking to sell your company so that you may retire or reduce your time spent working, I may have the perfect solution for you.

Selling to Blacktop is a different kind of exit

Don’t think of Robert as an investor. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for building great companies and is looking for a business at which he can spend the rest of his professional career. To achieve this objective, Robert has partnered with twelve respected and experienced investors (see here for more details) that have the expertise and financial wherewithal to complete a deal.

Blacktop is not a traditional private equity fund focused on building a portfolio of businesses and showing up to quarterly board meetings. Nor is Blacktop a competitor that will absorb the identity, culture, and legacy of your firm for the benefit of the new parent organization.

When you partner with Blacktop, you partner with Robert.

For more details on my background, please click here. Alternatively, you can send me a message and we’ll chat.

Values, not valuation

During the deal, Robert will focus extensively on building a vision statement for the company built on the values of the organization and centering on how we can help our customers. Your input will be essential to building this plan – as such you can be assured that your business is in good hands with Robert.

After the sale

Once a deal is done, Robert will move himself and his family to where your business is located to run daily operations as CEO. Your business won’t be in the hands of a regional manager of a corporate parent or of a far-away private equity firm focused on cost cutting and quick growth. Instead, you will have a deep, personal and professional relationship with the new CEO of the business you built, and you can be confident that the vision and objectives laid out during the deal will be the firm’s guiding light moving forward.

Still not sure?

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